A perfect smile is the best letter of presentation of oneself. That’s why, at Cenyt Dental, we encourage you to get it by looking for the treatment that best suits you and your circumstances.

We listen to you, we study your case in a personalized way and we propose different options so that the result of your treatment is what you expect.

Ortodoncia invisible Invisalign

Invisible Orthodontics

If what you are looking for is to improve your smile with a barely noticeable treatment, invisible orthodontics is your solution. Through comfortable removable and customized aligners the arrangement of your teeth will be modified in order to line up properly and adjust to a proper bite.

In addition to being a very aesthetic treatment, it is one that causes the least discomfort and it provides excellent results in short periods of time. It is specially indicated for adults who seek a discreet orthodontics and who will be responsible for its proper use, since being removable, the patient must commit to wearing it at all times except during meals.

Invisible orthodontics is an aesthetic alternative equal to orthodontics with lingual brackets, characterized by being placed on the inside of the teeth, but with the advantage of being much more comfortable, faster and more hygienic than braces.

Sapphire aesthetic brackets

If traditional fixed orthodontics suits you best but you want it to be noticed as little as possible, sapphire brackets are your best option. Being the same colour as the teeth, they go much more unnoticed than the metallic ones and their colour is not altered even though they consume coloured substances or smoke.

brackets estéticos de zafiro
Brackets de autoligado

Self-ligating metal and aesthetic brackets

With this type of appliance it is not necessary to include ligatures to join the arches to the brackets, so that a faster and less annoying dental movement is achieved. In this way, it is possible to reduce the duration of the treatment to a maximum and carrying it out with appointments over longer periods of time. In addition, the results achieved with this technique are unbeatable.

INSIGNIA Customized Orthodontics

The great advantage of this treatment is its customization. Brackets are used, tailored to each patient, which, unlike conventional braces, allow much faster results. In addition, thanks to the use of the 3D representation system, the patient can visualize the final result of the treatment before starting it.

Ortodoncia Insignia

Conventional metal brackets

Conventional braces are ideal for those people who do not worry about their orthodontics being noticed. In addition to being the most economical orthodontic treatment, its effectiveness is excellent and it manages to solve every type of case with no restrictions.

Interceptive or preventive orthodontics in children

Experts recommend that a first check up of children’s teeth at approximately 6 years of age be carried out. In this way, anomalies in the growth of the maxillary bones that can permanently affect dentition or involve complex problems at the end of development can be discarded or detected on time.

Ortodoncia interceptiva en niños