Dental Aesthetics

You will not stop smiling!

At Cenyt Dental, we specialize in dental aesthetics and carry out the most innovative and demanded treatments in the market.

First of all, we perform a facial and of-your-smile analysis and, depending on your personal characteristics, we propose an improvement plan that you can visualize before we start so that the result will end up adapting to your expectations.

Blanqueamiento dental antes y después

Teeth whitening

Dental Whitening is an aesthetic treatment with which it is possible to clarify the original color of the teeth by several tones, resulting in whiter and more radiant teeth. It can be performed both on an outpatient basis and in the clinic itself, either in vital or non-vital teeth.

This treatment must always be supervised by an expert dentist so that they mark the appropriate guidelines and previously study the color of the teeth. In this way you can explain to the patient the real expectations that can be expected.


Absolutely not. It is a minimally invasive procedure carried out under the continuous supervision of a specialist.

It depends on each person and their life habits. For example, people who smoke or who take foods that cause stains, such as coffee, tea, red wine or cola, achieve less lasting results. As a general rule, the result is usually maintained for 2 to 3 years.

In some cases, it may cause tooth sensitivity during the treatment period, but once it is over, it disappears.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small prostheses that manage to correct aesthetic problems in a simple, fast and minimally invasive way. Cases such as separate, misaligned, fractured, stained or worn out teeth get a solution thanks to their collation.

Before starting the procedure, a personalized and exhaustive facial analysis of the patient is made to determine the best result. At our dental clinic in Estepona, we show what the final result of the teeth will be before we even begin treatment.

In this way, the patient can see the result that will be obtained before starting the treatment.

Veneer types:

  • Composite
  • Porcelain
  • Lithium disilicate veneers
  • Lumineers
Blanqueamiento dental Estepona
Carillas dentales en Estepona

Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers veneers are the most advanced aesthetic solution on the market today. The most famous and radiant Hollywood smiles owe their success to this type of veneers. They are composed of a type of porcelain so thin (0.3 mm thick) and resistant that they do not require tooth cutting, so they are minimally invasive and completely reversible.

They are manufactured exclusively by the DENMAT laboratory (USA) and it is a requirement that the specialist who carries out their placement has an Official Certificate. For this reason, despite being an aesthetic alternative with multiple advantages, it cannot be found in many dental clinics.

The result that is achieved is very natural since the porcelain used is more translucent than usual and also more resistant, despite being much thinner than traditional veneers.

Apart from all these comments, we can also highlight the following advantages:

  • Fast and painless procedure
  • No anesthesia is needed
  • They do not cause dental sensitivity
  • Reversible aesthetic solution
  • Greater durability


A crown is a prosthesis that is used to completely cover a destroyed or endodontically damaged tooth. It is also used to change the teeth’s position and aesthetics of the teeth.

There are different types of crowns depending on the material used, the aesthetic appearance you want to achieve, the functionality or the requirements of the patient:

  • Metal-ceramic crowns
  • Zirconium-ceramic crowns
  • Disilicate-ceramic crowns
Estética dental corona