Endodontics or root canal treatment is a procedure that treats the inside of the damaged tooth to maintain its functionality, the bone and the gum that surrounds it. In this way, it is possible to preserve a natural and healthy smile without resorting to tooth extraction.

This technique is carried out for various reasons such as affectation of the pulp due to deep caries, traumas or endo-periodontal lesions. Endodontics could also be recommended in teeth that require large carvings for the subsequent placement of crowns or bridges.

At Cenyt Dental in Estepona, we have the most innovative technology on the market to successfully perform all our treatments. Using mechanical instrumentation, an advanced apices locator and sealing materials of the highest quality.

This treatment is based on the removal of the nerves and vessels responsible for causing pain located inside the tooth, when the different causes reach it.

Prevención caries. Tratamiento de endodoncia

Subsequently, in our dental clinic we perform the filling of the ducts under radiographic control so that no bacteria can leak inside the tooth.

The mission of endodontics is to cleanse the root zone affected by the progress of the infection and thus avoid extraction of the tooth. In most cases endodontic treatments can be performed in a single session, although in some cases the patient’s clinical situation, the technical difficulty of the case, or other parameters, may require two or more sessions, always at the discretion of the professional who performs it.

Usually, endodontics causes the tooth to weaken, fracture, or suffer colour changes; therefore, it is advisable to place a crown that protects it.

This procedure must be performed by endodontists, specialists who have specific training and concrete experience in the application of this treatment.

What indicates that I need an endodontics?

In many cases, patients do not have any specific symptoms and do not detect that there is a problem. Because of this, regular check-ups with the dentist are very important so that any abnormality is detected on time. However, in other cases, the following symptoms may alert us to the need for endodontics:

  • Sudden pain at night.
  • Pain in a tooth with caries subjected to hot or cold stimuli.
  • Discoloration or darkening of a tooth.

Why are caries formed?

Caries is one of the most common dental conditions among the population. They appear when bacteria accumulate in the mouth and that manages to convert the remains of food located in our gums, tongue or teeth into acids that gradually destroy the teeth enamel. When these bacteria penetrate the enamel and reach the dental pulp, they can cause a more serious infection.

The main symptoms that alert us to the presence of caries are sensitivity to drinks or food which is too cold or hot, discomfort when biting or appearance of a black spot in the tooth. If you have any of these symptoms, we recommend that you go to the dentist’s office for a professional check-up and that they can determine an adequate diagnosis.

How to prevent endodontics?

Good dental hygiene is the best prevention to prevent endodontics. Brush your teeth after every meal and do not forget to use floss and mouthwash to complement the cleaning. When you are away from home, always carry a case with basic dental hygiene supplies to brush your teeth at any time.

Do not forget to go to the annual check-ups with the dentist. We advise you to go once every six months in order to check and detect on time any anomaly that may appear. Reduce the consumption of foods and drinks too sugary, you will be helping to reduce the likelihood of dental decay.

Tratamiento de endodoncia


The endodontic treatment is usually practically painless, since very effective and long-lasting local anesthetics are used today. Once the treatment is finished and the effect of the anesthesia is over, some discomfort may appear for a few days, especially with chewing, due to the postoperative inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth. In these cases, a proper medication helps control the discomfort.

From Cenyt Dental Estepona, we recommend taking into account the following precautions after an endodontics:

  • Do not eat hard or sticky foods
  • Carry out proper oral hygiene, but taking into account not to exert too much force on the treated teeth
  • Floss with special care, always removing it from the side and not upwards since the reconstruction could be broken
  • In case of having a provisional reconstruction, it is recommended to chew on the opposite side to that of the treated piece to avoid any setback