First Visit

Choosing the professionals that will take care of your dental health is a very important decision. At Cenyt Dental we want to offer you not only the best care, but also treatments and diagnostics that improve your quality of life.

We know how important it is to transmit closeness and trust, especially in matters related to health, so a doctor specializing in dental therapeutics will be responsible for diagnosing, advising and accompanying the patient throughout their whole treatment.

In this way, it is possible to coordinate all the procedures, especially if it is necessary to refer the patients to a specialist, so that everything is as easy and fast as possible for them.


Historial dental

Dental history

The first step will be to elaborate a medical history through some simple questions that will help the doctor to make a good diagnosis and treatment plan: operations and previous illnesses, allergies, dental treatments carried out previously…

Toma de registros dentales

Record taking

The mouth keeps more secrets than it may seem at first sight, so in some cases it is necessary to perform tests on the first visit such as Panoramic X-ray (panorex), orthopantomographies, CT scans, taking models or photographs to ensure the best treatment.

Oral explorations

In the first visit to Cenyt Dental, a specialist is responsible for performing a dental and oral examination assessing in any case how are the gums, mucous membranes, lips, facial symmetry, aesthetics or occlusion.

Explanation of the treatment

After the record taking and oral examination, our dentists explain step by step what the treatment to follow is, what its different stages are, and the indications that the patient considers appropriate.

Financing of the treatment

Our staff is responsible for explaining the budget, totally without commitment, and also the financing possibilities. This information is provided with maximum privacy to preserve the patient’s privacy.

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