General Odontology

At Cenyt Dental we care about your oral health and that of your whole family. Therefore, we put at your disposal the best dentists who will ensure the good condition of your mouth and teeth.

At our dental clinic in Estepona we know that the best treatment is prevention, therefore, in your visits to our practice, our dentists will teach you the habits that you must implement in your day to day to avoid the appearance of diseases and problems in the mouth.

Equipo de higiene y salud dental Cenyt

We check your dental health and that of your gums

Professional dental cleanings performed at the dental clinic should be performed once or twice a year. Although we brush our teeth after every meal, it is very likely that bacteria will not be completely eliminated. When they accumulate, they generate what is known as tartar, a thin layer of bacterial plaque that sticks to the teeth.

The main goal of prophylaxis or professional dental cleanings is to clean the teeth, gums and mouth, eliminating any remaining plaque or dirt and achieving optimal cleaning. In many occasions, performing a dental cleaning is the first step before starting a dental treatment to avoid complications during the same, such as the appearance of gingivitis or Periodontitis.

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Caries and fillings

Caries is one of the oral diseases for which most patients come to our dental clinic in Estepona. It is a very common pathology that affects the population of all ages. It is important to detect it on time because it can aggravate the state of the teeth and even cause their loss.

Dental filling is a very common process to solve caries. Our dentists focus on the damaged area of ​​the tooth, cleaning its decay so that no vestiges remain. Subsequently, they use the dental filling to seal the empty area of ​​the tooth.

Caries y empastes en Estepona
No tener miedo al dentista

Confidence and security to avoid being afraid of the dentist

For many people, the simple fact of thinking that they have to go to the dentist’s office can generate anxiety and feelings of fear. At Cenyt Dental, we want your visits to the clinic to be pleasant, that’s why, our dentists will inform you at all times about the dental treatment to follow, the steps that will be carried out and the tests that will be necessary.

Rhythms will be marked by you so that you feel comfortable at all times and without haste. In addition, having the hospital support of Cenyt Hospital, we have the necessary means to carry out certain treatments with conscious sedation.

This type of anesthesia is indicated for those patients who suffer panic of the dentist and who need to be especially calm and relaxed when they undergo a dental operation. Our priority is to transmit confidence so that visits to the dentist do not cause you fear again.