Oral Surgery

Specialization and teamwork are our professionals’ key points in order to obtain the best diagnosis and offer our patients an individualized and successful treatment.

At Cenyt Dental, we are especially concerned about the safety and well-being of our patients. Therefore, we have two state-of-the-art operating theaters to facilitate the surgical work of our surgeons.

The oral surgery operations that we carry out in our dental clinic in Estepona are aimed at diagnosing and treating those problems of the oral cavity that cause discomfort or pain to our patients. In general, this type of operation is performed under local anesthesia and without hospital admission, always supervised by a specialized doctor/dentist.

Thanks to oral surgery we can correct those problems that are affecting teeth, jaws and their tissues. We must pay special attention to our mouth, as any small complication can make daily tasks such as eating or smiling difficult. From Cenyt Dental we put at your disposal our doctors specialized in oral surgery so that you return to shine a bright and healthy smile.


Indicated for patients who show deterioration in their gums caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque under the soft tissues. The part that has suffered an injury is removed in order to reduce the space that had been generated between the tooth and the gum as a result of the plaque.

Cirugía preprotésica en Estepona

Preprosthetic surgery

Preprosthetic surgery is responsible for preparing, before the placement of a dental prosthesis, hard and soft tissues (bone and gum). These interventions are intended to improve the effectiveness of treatment with dental prostheses and thus avoid problems in masticatory functions.

Cysts elimination

Dental cysts or odontogenic cysts are small cavities that are formed inside the maxillary bones and contain pus inside, either in liquid or semi-solid state. These are benign lesions that can be eliminated by oral surgery.

Gingivoplastia en Estepona


This surgical operation aims at  remodeling the shape of the gum to give teeth a larger size. It is the indicated treatment for those patients who present a gingival overgrowth.

Implantología en Estepona


From our clinic in Estepona we carry out all the necessary process for dental rehabilitation through the placement of implants. Thanks to them, we managed to return functionality to the mouth after the loss of some teeth.

Apicectomía Estepona


Performed in those patients in whom the endodontic treatment has failed or has not been effective. It consists of extracting the part of the tooth root and the adjacent tissues that have been affected by dental caries.

Extracción raíces dentarias

Removal of dental roots

Along with the extraction of wisdom teeth, this is a very common operation at our dental clinic in Estepona. It is done when a tooth has been fractured and the root of the tooth has remained inside.

Dolor muelas del juicio

Extraction of wisdom teeth

The patients indicated for this type of intervention are those who do not have enough space for the teeth to erupt normally, when they are erupting crooked or if they are infected.

Estracción dientes incluidos en Estepona

Extraction of included teeth

The surgical operation for the extraction of included teeth is done when the teeth have not managed to erupt properly and are within the bone tissue, either completely or partially.