Invisible Orthodontics

The treatment of invisible orthodontics is done with the use of transparent removable aligners that are being changed as the teeth acquire the position that the dentist has determined. It is the ideal solution for many people who are not comfortable with classical orthodontics and want more discretion in the treatment that corrects their teeth.

At our dental clinic in Estepona we work with one of the most advanced invisible orthodontic brands of the moment: Alineadent.

Thanks to its revolutionary digitized orthodontic system, it is possible to create a personalized and precise orthodontic study for each of the patients, managing to correct mild or severe malocclusion problems in the same way as classic brackets would.

Ortodoncia Alineadent

Benefits of invisible orthodontics


It is completely transparent and goes unnoticed in the eyes of others. Nobody will notice that you are wearing it.


The alienators should be retire while eating, which allows the patient to continue eating any type of food or drink without fear that they might be dyed or broken.


Los alineadores se quitan y se ponen para poder cepillarte los dientes adecuadamente sin aparatos que dificulten la limpieza.

They are made to measure

Thanks to 3D technology, aligners are manufactured individually and customized for each patient.

The 3D software technology that we use in our dental clinic allows us to show our Estepona patients the final result of their smile before they have even started with the invisible orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist carries out the pertinent studies to take all necessary measures of the proportion of the jaw, the face of the patient, oral photos, intraoral impressions…

With all these measures we proceed to manufacturing customized aligners, which will be replaced by new ones approximately every two weeks, as the teeth move in the arcade and acquire the previously studied position.

What will your treatment with invisible orthodontics be like?

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FIRST VISIT. During the first consultation at the dental clinic we examine the current state of the mouth and teeth and explain to the patient what the treatment with invisible orthodontics consists of.

TAKING FACIAL AND MOUTH RECORDS. The orthodontist will take all the necessary measures to be able to manufacture the aligners totally customized for the patient. It will be necessary to take impressions, facial, oral, orthopantomographies…

PLANNING AND SAMPLE SHOW IN 3D. We show the patient how the movements of their teeth will develop over the estimated period of treatment, being able to see the final result by computer before beginning with orthodontics.

DELIVERY OF THE ALIGNERS. The orthodontist delivers a case to the patient with all the aligners that are going to be used during the invisible orthodontic treatment or, they can be provided little by little according to the time that elapses between appointment and appointment. In any case, they should be changed approximately every two weeks.

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PERIODIC CHECK-UP SESIONS WITH THE ORTHODONTIST. Although the number and duration of visits to the dental clinic are lower than with traditional orthodontics, it is convenient to go for certain check-ups so that the orthodontist can monitor the changes occurred.

PRECISION PHASE. When the estimated treatment with the aligners is finished, it is possible to correct small details by requesting other final precision aligners that achieve the result that the patient had always wanted.

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